This is what techno was about, this is what it should be about, and hopefully this is gonna stay this way for a while now..
— Adam X (Sonic Groove)

From secret Parisian parties to Berlin's infamous Berghain club, Paris/Berlin documents the underground movement of techno through the lens of two different cities. The documentary traces the evolution of techno telling the stories of the dj's, producers, label managers, promoters, record shops and distributors that have stayed true to its original spirit.

With Laurent Garnier, Regis, Adam X, Function, Lucy, Ancient Methods, Nick Höppner, Terence Fixmer, Tama Sumo, Dasha Rush, Milton Bradley, Lupo, Tobias Rapp and many more. 




Paris Berlin 20 Years Of Underground Techno film soundtrack LP

2xLP compilation, gatefold, 180g vinyl. With Regis, Ancient Methods, Adam X, Kareem, Makaton, Archae & Grovskopa, Oyaarss & DnA.

Ancient Methods opens with the highly sought after industrial techno belter Fourth Methods. Downwards techno maverick Regis contributes the Birmingham techno anthem Baptism. Sonic Groove and CLR's  Adam X shares a slice of his trademark EBM-techno with Robot Rebellion In 2071. 

Also featuring Makaton's Surgeon inspired Coup De Grace, Oyaarss with the melodic broken beats of Future Smile Soon  and DnA with the LP exclusive Unknown produced by Dax J & Paris/Berlin director Amélie Ravalec. If that's not enough, the compilation closes with uncompromisingly hard techno treats from Archae & Grovskopa with Surface Tension and Kareem's Zhark classic Black September.



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April 28th, 2019: Cape Town, South Africa - Flame Drop Festival
June 21st, 2018: Mexico City, Mexico - Goethe-Institut Mexiko
June 18th, 2018: Berlin, Germany - Office Franco-Allemand pour la Jeunesse
March 22nd, 2018: Rennes, France - Les Ateliers du Vent
March 10th, 2018: Chambéry, France - Festival MODULATIONS
July 6th, 2017: Colchester, UK - Colchester Art Centre
May 24th, 2017: Cardiff, UK - Tramshed
May 22th, 2017: Cardiff, UK - Tramshed
May 21st, 2017: Shenzhen, China - Tomorrow Festival
May 20th, 2017: Cardiff, UK - Tramshed
March 16th, 2017 : London, UK - Red Gallery
April 28th, 2016 : Lille, France - Heure Exquise
December 6th, 2015: Berlin, Germany - Thalamus
November 11-15th, 2015: Noordelijk, Netherlands - Noordelijk Film Festival
October 14th, 2015: Mexico City, Mexico - Goethe Institute
May 23th, 2015: Brussels, Belgium - Cinéma Aventure
January 29th, 2015: Antwerp, Belgium - Cartoon Cinema
January 24th, 2015: Roma, Italy - Female Cut
January 22th, 2015: Brest, France - Astropolis Festival
September 15th, 2014: London, UK - Back Room Cinema
April 16th, 2014: Verona, Italy - Associazione Culturale Interzona
February 7th, 2014: Melbourne, Australia - Electric Shadow Outdoor Cinema
September 5th, 2013: Sydney, Australia - Fringe Festival - 
"Festival Pick" AWARD WINNER
June 3rd, 2013: Nantes, France Blockhays DIY
May 18th, 2013: Sydney, Australia 107 Project
May 3rd, 2013: Lyon, France - Nuits Sonores Festival
April 6th, 2013: Paris, France - Forum des Images
March 29th, 2013: Geneva, Switzerland - Electron Festival 
February 25th, 2013: Washington, USA Alliance Française de Washington
February 15th, 2013: Fremantle, Australia - Fringe Festival
February 8th, 2013: Rome, Italy Techno Festival
February 2nd, 2013: Liverpool, UK Coma Events
December 3rd, 2012: Marnes la Vallée, France - Bibliothèque du Val d'Europe
November 18th, 2012: Paris, France - Udo bar
November 17th, 2012: Rome, Italy - OFF Festival
November 16th, 2012: Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne Music Week Festival
November 14th, 2012: Poitiers, France Festival OFNI
November 2nd, 2012: Sheffield, UK - Drumroll / Small Ideas
November 2nd, 2012: Berlin, Germany - In Edit Music Festival
October 18th, 2012: Amsterdam, Netherlands - ADE Amsterdam Dance Event Festival
October 17th, 2012: Paris, France - Gaité Lyrique (French Cultural Center)
September 29th, 2012: Dunkerque, France - L'entrepôt de Dunkerque
September 22nd, 2012: Madrid, Spain - Embajadores Con Provisiones
September 22nd, 2012: Zagreb, Croatia Techno Festival
September 15th, 2012: Malmö, Sweden - Inkonst
August 22nd, 2012: Singapore - BO02
July 27th, 2012: Vienna, Austria - XKM Techno festival
July 6th, 2012: Paris, France Batofar
June 30th, 2012: Limerick, Ireland Bump Music Conference
June 29th, 2012: San Francisco, USA - Public Works
June 29th, 2012: Berlin, Germany - Suicide Circus
June 9th, 2012: Budapest, Hungary - Technokunst at A38
June 3rd, 2012: London, UK - Corscica Studio
May 5th, 2012: Athens, Greece - Reform #003 : Modal Analysis
May 5th, 2012: Brussels, Belgium - Fondation Sonore


Amélie Ravalec’s film Paris/Berlin is a fantastic view of hard techno, a tour through the techno factories to find out what has made it so resilient and consistently relevant over all these years.
— Fact Mag
“This will be one of the classic documentaries of music journalism.”
— Bump Festival, IR
Paris/Berlin immerses us in the dark cellars of Berlin and Paris, at a time where underground techno has never been so alive.
— Trax Magazine, FR
Through interviews with some of modern Techno’s most lauded DJs and producers, ‘Paris / Berlin - 20 Years Of Underground Techno’ tells the story of the sound’s spread from Detroit in the late ‘80s to the titular European capitals in the ‘90s and beyond.
— Boomkat, UK
Constantly maintaining a historical and social tension, the documentary is one of the most serious studies on the subject of techno. It conveys the energy, faith and sincerity that led to its realisation. There is something wonderful and deeply moving that occurs when the end credits roll. Taken on a journey, the viewer realises that a deep and sincere love for this music is what drives these people.
— Trace A Line, FR
French director Amélie Ravalec brings us a documentary that follows the footsteps of techno movement, this time with an uncompromising focus on underground techno over the past two decades in Europe and its resilient force that has captivated people. The film provides a meaningful picture if not the answer to what makes underground techno special.
— Neon Tape Deck, USA
Paris/Berlin is a really interesting reflection on new music itself, on artists and fans who refuse to compromise, preferring to inhabit the subterranean underground where the desire for the new and different is incubated.
— Six Thousand, Aus
This documentary is not only an auditory treat but also a spectacle to behold, weaving together wonderful stylised footage, musical performances and insight from some of the genre’s most innovative and influential figures.
— Drumroll, UK


French director Amélie Ravalec released her first  documentary Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno in May 2012. She directed and produced it over three years interviewing some of the most influential DJ's, producers and figureheads of the techno scene. The film has been screened in 18 countries and  won the Festival Pick Award at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2013.

Amélie co-founded Fondation Sonore label in 2011 focusing on industrial techno and experimental music. The label released music from Ancient Methods, Kareem, Adam X, Regis, Makaton, Archae & Grovskopa, Oyaarss and DnA. Fondation Sonore also hosted a series of label nights in Brussels, Belgium.

Ravalec's second film Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay opened theatrically May 2015 and has since been released in 30 countries, with screenings in cinemas, festivals and cultural institutions worldwide.The documentary traces the origins of Industrial music, taking you on a journey through the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America's thriving avant-garde scene. Featuring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, NON, SPK, Test Dept, Clock DVA, Re/Search - V Vale, Z'EV, Click Click, Sordide Sentimental, Hula, In The Nursery, Hands,The Klinik / Dive, Ant Zen, Orphx and Prima Linea.

Ravalec's latest documentary Art & Mind is a journey into art, madness and the unconscious, an exploration of visionary artists and the creative impulse, from the Flemish Masters of the Renaissance to the avant-garde movement of Surrealism and the unsung geniuses of Art Brut and Outsider Art.