French director Amélie Ravalec released her first  documentary Paris/Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno in May 2012. She directed and produced it over three years interviewing some of the most influential DJ's, producers and figureheads of the techno scene. The film has been screened in 18 countries and  won the Festival Pick Award at Sydney Fringe Festival in 2013.

Ravalec's second film Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay opened theatrically May 2015 and has since been released in 30 countries, with screenings in cinemas, festivals and cultural institutions worldwide.The documentary traces the origins of Industrial music, taking you on a journey through the crumbling industrial cities of Europe to America's thriving avant-garde scene. Featuring Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, NON, SPK, Test Dept, Clock DVA, Re/Search - V Vale, Z'EV, Click Click, Sordide Sentimental, Hula, In The Nursery, Hands,The Klinik / Dive, Ant Zen, Orphx and Prima Linea.

Amélie co-founded Fondation Sonore label in 2011 focusing on industrial techno and experimental music. The label released music from Ancient Methods, Kareem, Adam X, Regis, Makaton, Archae & Grovskopa, Oyaarss and DnA. Amélie also works as a freelance colourist and video editor.

She is currently directing her third documentary: Art & Mind is a journey into art, madness and the unconscious, an exploration of visionary artists and the creative impulse, from the Flemish Masters of the Renaissance to the avant-garde movement of Surrealism and the unsung geniuses of Art Brut and Outsider Art.